via Provinciale, 151/2 - 23819 Primaluna (Lecco)

Fratelli Arrigoni srl

The beginning of 2021 represents for us the transformation of our company into a limited responsibility company (s.r.l.): a change that has important meaning because it is the result of the growth and evolution of these years, which took place in fidelity to the artisan spirit that has always distinguished us. Despite the economic difficulty generated by the epidemic due to Covid-19, our business did not stop and the time of the “lockdown” it was an opportunity to study strategies, expand the offer, open up to collaborations useful for developing new projects. We have reorganized the production and sales departments. In the new one – Primaluna –  we have moved the sales department and  vibro finishing department, where the cleaning of our rings takes place before the passage to galvanic for coloring. Cortabbio will remain our legal and administrative headquarters. Our enthusiasm is great and we are ready to face next year’s challenges !